The Importance of Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance

High temperatures on a summer day.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means the temperatures outside will be on the rise. Most of us rely on our air conditioners during the warmest months of the year, so it’s crucial that our AC systems are fully prepared to take on the heat. There’s seriously nothing worse than sitting in a humid house on a hot summer day because your AC isn’t working properly.

If you’ve been putting off scheduling your AC tune-up, now is the perfect time to do it. AC maintenance is a lot more important than you think it is, which is why we’re sharing the main reasons you should schedule your tune-up now.

Longer Lifespan

While AC tune-ups cost money, buying a new air conditioner because your current one hasn’t been maintained costs a lot more. You should be able to get as many years out of your AC system as possible, which means you need to properly maintain it. Regular AC tune-ups prevent your system from malfunctioning and they also ensure that your AC isn’t overworking itself.

Energy Efficiency

If your electric bills have been skyrocketing and you think it’s because you’ve had your AC running nonstop, think again. Yes, a constant running AC is using more electricity, but if you’ve been skipping your AC tune-up, your system has to work even harder to produce cool air for your home. When your AC is overworking itself, it’s wasting energy and becomes less and less effective.

Better Performance

Regular AC maintenance will make your system work better overall. If you ever find yourself sitting inside on a summer day and it feels like your AC just isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, schedule a tune-up appointment with Carter Comfort Systems. We’ll make sure your system is operating the way it should be this season.

Healthier Indoor Air Quality

If you or someone you live with struggle with asthma or seasonal allergies, regular AC maintenance should be a priority for your household. During an AC tune-up, your air filters and ducts will be cleaned. Over time, dirt, dust, and debris can clog your filters and ducts, which then spreads throughout your home. The air you breathe inside your home should be healthy, not filled with common household pollutants.

Caldwell AC Maintenance

At Carter Comfort Systems, we recommend scheduling an AC tune-up at least once a year. Just like you won’t skip an oil change for your car, you shouldn’t skip maintenance on your AC! Call us today at (208) 739-4181 to schedule your seasonal AC tune-up.