What is the Ideal Temperature to Keep Your Home During Winter?

An adult man adjusting a thermostat attached to a wall.

Do you deal with a case of the thermostat wars during the winter in your home? Do your kids think the house is freezing but you think it’s comfortable? While everyone’s temperature preferences are different, we’re going to be sharing the ideal temperature to keep your home warm during winter without breaking the bank while also aiming to keep everyone comfortable.

Keep on reading to find out!

Temperature During the Day

While heating bills during the winter can be expensive, we still don’t want to be giving up our comfort for the sake of a lower bill. We recommend setting your thermostat to 68 degrees fahrenheit and seeing how you and your family feel. If you think you can lower the temperature by a degree or two, be our guest! For each degree you lower the temperature, you can save up to 3% on your next heating bill.

Temperature for Sleeping

Nothing beats the feeling of being warm and toasty in your bed at night, but with the extra warmth from your blankets, you can afford to lower the thermostat by a few degrees to save you some money. Try lowering your thermostat to a temperature anywhere between 62-67 degrees at night to help you sleep better and cut down on those heating costs.

Heading Out of Town During the Winter?

Don’t turn your heater off! Many homeowners believe the myth that turning off your heat while you’re away will save money, but this is far from the truth. You’ll want to keep your heater on to prevent frozen pipes, but the thermostat doesn’t need to be set to the higher temperature you would keep it at if you were home. If you’re heading out of town during the colder months, lower your thermostat to a temperature between 60-65 degrees. This will keep it warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing but will also save you some money on heating bills.

If you’re still feeling chilly in your home even though your heater is turned on, Carter Comfort Systems can help! Schedule a heating repair appointment with us by calling us at (208) 739-4181 or filling out our online contact form.