What is a Ductless HVAC System?

A ductless HVAC system attached to an outdoor brick wall.

When you make an addition to your home, upgrade an old house, or want to add temperature control to a new area, you may be wondering how that could connect to your HVAC system. Adding additional ductwork in an already-built room or home can be expensive. A great solution would be a ductless mini-split system, which you don’t need to connect to existing ductwork or HVAC units.

What is Mini-Split?

Typical HVAC systems have a central air or heating source, which pumps out air through ducts to different areas in your home. A ductless mini-split system doesn’t use a network of ducts but rather is a compact unit with a single source that will supply a room or zone with temperature control.

Another similarity is that these systems still connect to an outdoor compressor for power.

How Does it Work?

A mini-split system would be mounted to the wall in a room of your home and operate as a free-standing air source. The indoor system connects to the outdoor compressor through a series of tubes. There also must be room outside to catch any condensation from the unit.

Mini-splits are similar to wall or window units, in that they are mounted and can only reach a defined space. But mini-splits are generally more powerful than wall/window units and usually give you more control over your system. Also, there is no large opening in your wall or window, just a small hole for the connected tubing.


Mini-split units can be a bit expensive but run more efficiently than central A/C or heating systems. They avoid energy losses from ductwork, and the Department of Energy estimates that this accounts for about 30 percent of space heating/cooling energy consumption.

The system also gives more options in terms of placement in a home and can generally be put out of the way, unlike window and wall units. You’ll also manage a specific zone more directly, so how you condition one room won’t impact the rest of your home and vice versa.

Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Caldwell

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