How to Get More Out of Your Smart Thermostat

Woman adjusting thermostat

A smart thermostat has the potential to save you $180 a year on heating and cooling costs, according to the EPA. The keyword here is potential. With so many bells and whistles, it’d be easy to overlook certain energy-saving features that could improve your comfort and lower your electricity bill.

Here are four ways you can get more out of your smart thermostat:

1. Geofencing

Activating your smart thermostat’s geofencing feature allows the device to detect when you’re home and when you’re away. It does this by syncing with your smartphone. When you’re several miles away, the app on your phone signals the thermostat to adjust the temperature several degrees to save energy. It knows when you’re on your way back, too, so that your home will be just as comfortable as you left it.

2. Heating Zones

You may not need to heat or cool every room in your home equally. Heating zones allow you to set different rooms to different temperatures. If there are rooms in your home you don't use regularly, like guest bedrooms, you don't have to waste energy on regulating their temperature.

You can also set the zones up with different heating or cooling schedules. For example, you may want your kitchen or living room to cool down in the afternoon and your bedroom to cool down at night.

Note: This feature only works if your HVAC system is configured for zoning.

3. Monthly Usage Reports

Most smart thermostats send out a monthly report that summarizes your energy usage. Reading through this report can give you valuable insight into how your energy consumption fluctuates throughout the day, week, and year. An unexpected increase in energy usage may indicate an issue with your AC or heater that needs repair.

You can use the previous year's report for a particular month to predict your utility bill as that month rolls around again. You can also use the report to find opportunities to reduce your energy consumption.

4. Multiple Sensors

If your smart thermostat supports multiple sensors, place as many as you can around your home. One room may trap heat while another may feel cooler than the rest. Using multiple sensors provides your smart thermostat with more information, which allows it to heat or cool each room in your home more accurately and efficiently.

Bottom line: Smart thermostats are equipped with a variety of features that help you precisely adjust your home's temperature with ease. If you take advantage of everything your smart thermostat has to offer, you can cut back on your energy usage while enjoying perfectly comfortable temperatures.

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