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Air Fresheners—Doing More Harm Than Good

Most of us have one of those aerosol cans tucked away in our bathroom; however, this product is jeopardizing your indoor air quality. That can of air freshener—yes, air freshener—needs to go from stowed away to thrown away. Aerosol air fresheners carry volatile organic compounds, which negatively affect your indoor air quality. Volatile organic compounds can cause serious health implications, manifesting as respiratory issues, and in cases of repetitive exposure—cancer.

So, what are you supposed to do about lingering smells? Don’t worry, we here at Carter Comfort Systems, have your back. Here are some effective, and healthy alternatives to chemical air fresheners:

Essential Oils

First, pick your favorite scent. You can purchase anything from vanilla to pomegranate, and your space will fill with these pleasant smells, masking anything still lingering behind. All you’ll need? Either an electronic diffuser or oil sticks.

With an electronic diffuser, your essential oil will be distributed throughout your home via vapor; whereas, oil sticks take a bit longer to disseminate scents. Your oil sticks must soak in the essential oils before releasing your desired scent. Whichever way you choose to implement this alternative freshening method, this remedy is allergen-free and is sure to rid your home of any unwanted odors.


Fragrant flowers are nature’s remedy to unsavory smells. Implement scented geraniums or roses into your space to cover up foul odors. Your home will acquire a fresh smell while additionally gaining a nice pop of color. Set a bouquet of these flowers in your restroom for additional odor coverage.

Paraben-Free Candles

Scented candles not only provide ambiance to your space, but they will also effectively replace your current air freshener! Lighting a candle distributes preferable scents throughout your home immediately. Just remember to purchase a paraben-free candle to ensure your indoor air quality remains intact.

For more information on preserving indoor air quality, contact Carter Comfort Systems, at (208) 739-4181. We are remaining open during this time to serve our community. With health protocols in place, we are capable of performing repairs, replacements, and installations in a safe manner.