How to Keep Your Home's Temperature Comfortable in 2019 (Pictures Included!)

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How many times have you come home from being out in the heat or the cold and found that your home’s temperature was not the welcome relief you hoped it would be? Being uncomfortable can get exhausting, especially if you don’t feel like your efforts are paying off in lower utility bills. This is the year in which all that can change.

Read on to learn more about these tricks for keeping your home's temperature comfortable:

  • Temperature-regulating decor
  • Smart investments (like programmable thermostats)

Temperature-Regulating Decor

Here are a few functional as well as decorative ideas to help regulate the temperature in your home. Who doesn’t love a multipurpose solution?

Ceiling Fans

ceiling fan to regulate temperature in roomCeiling fans come in a variety of styles to suit any taste, from modern to traditional. Best of all, ceiling fans are great for evening out a room’s temperature in both warmer and cooler months. They do this not by making air cooler or warmer but by “swapping” the positions of the warm air and cool air in a room and forcing it to travel.

During Summer: Make sure your ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise so that its blades are pushing air downward and forcing cool air out and around.

During Winter: do the opposite--run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction to pull the cool air from the floor upward so that it will push the warm air by the ceiling downward.

Window Treatments

Most of us love windows for the light they let in. However, windows are responsible for as much as 20 percent of your home’s energy loss, due to hot or cool air that they leak. Here are window treatment options to install this year for lower energy costs and a more comfortable home. What’s even better is that they all come in a variety of colors, from traditional white and neutrals to bright hues and jewel tones.

  • roman shades add layer of insulationRoman shades (with an insulated liner): These help block cold air and also act as insulation. Consider adding drapes on each side of these shades so that their edges are covered--this will increase their effectiveness.

  • Vertical blinds: When installed so that they fit perfectly in a window frame, vertical blinds block outside air from entering. It should be noted that certain blind materials offer more thermal efficiency than others. For instance, wood blinds will offer better insulation than thin, plastic blinds.

  • cellular shades provide insulationCellular shades: These blinds are unobtrusive and have a deceptively simple appearance. They get their name from the pockets built into them that create a barrier between outdoor and indoor temperatures. These shades range from single cell to triple cell in thickness. The triple cell option will offer the greatest insulation.

  • Blackout curtains/shades: These are great for blocking out summer heat as well as sunlight. You’ll definitely want to consider these if you have any west or south-facing windows.

Smart Investments

Here are some ideas that always pay off in the long run. You’ll also notice immediate improvements in the form of lower monthly utility bills.

HVAC Maintenance

An outdoor HVAC unit in the snowAn HVAC system that is properly maintained has several benefits. For one, it will run more efficiently if its parts are in good working order, which saves on energy costs. The system will also last longer, and for anyone who has had to spend the thousands of dollars it takes to replace a furnace or air conditioner (or both), you know that maintaining the system is much more cost-effective than replacing it prematurely.

In addition, during an HVAC maintenance appointment, the technician can spot potential problems with certain parts and troubleshoot them before they become a bigger (and expensive) issue. It’s also worth noting that a well-maintained HVAC system will produce better air quality. If you suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions, you know that this is an essential component of your daily comfort.


An HVAC technician installing insulationIf your home is newer, it was probably constructed with more insulation than many older homes. However, pretty much any home that hasn’t been built specifically for energy efficiency will benefit from adding some insulation.

You might be wondering what insulation actually does, what role it plays in home temperature control, or if it’s only beneficial for colder months. If placed properly, insulation lessens the amount of heat that can be radiated from inside the house to the cooler air outdoors, thereby preventing heat loss. When it’s hot outside, insulation also keeps outdoor heat from coming in.

Programmable Thermostat

digital programmable thermostatAsk anyone who has a programmable thermostat, and they will swear by it.

Imagine being able to tell your thermostat ahead of time exactly when you want it to turn off (for instance, right when you leave for work) and exactly when you want it to turn back on (30 minutes before you get home). You’re able to come home after a long day to a house that’s exactly the temperature you want. Smart thermostats can even be controlled remotely with an app, whether you’re out at the grocery store or under the covers in bed.

Not only is a programmable thermostat incredibly convenient, but it’s also a great energy saver. It gives you more control over how long your system runs. Using a programmable thermostat, you will save as much as 15% on your energy bills during winter and 10% during summer.

Happy couple holding mugs and looking out the windowWhichever of these ideas you decide to try out this year, whether it’s a new Nest thermostat or some cellular shades for your bedroom, you’ll be sure to notice the difference it makes on your comfort at home, as well as your energy bill.

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